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Is a question I get asked regularly. The term virtual assistant covers a wide spectrum as there are a lot of talented individuals out there with a variety of skills. Some virtual assistants specialize in just one area of support such as Social Media, or Website development or Bookkeeping or Traditional Admin support. I mainly, for example, offer traditional admin and bookkeeping support. However, rather than coming to your office every day I do the work at home hence virtual. When you are running a business, you don’t always need to pay out on a formal office, spending money on office rent, utilities, telephone systems, office furniture and computer equipment.  As a virtual assistant, I have all that already.  This also gives you the flexibility of not hiring someone full time, but as and when you required someone.  Which saves you not only money but your time. A lot of people when you are running your own business feel that hiring someone to do your admin is a waste of money, but in reality, we can save you money and we can also save you time.  Which is more valuable to you, money or your time?  To find out how I can help, contact me today.