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Business Consultancy

Running a business does not come naturally for all, and at the end of the day we sometimes need a fresh pair of eyes to look at where we might be going wrong.  Instead of spending hours looking at KPI’s, overtime sheets or brain storming, let a fresh pair of eyes have a look. Not only will I get you to see things in a new light, but I will save you time and money.


How Can BP Business Consultancy Help you?

Over the years, working up to and including boardroom level, I have helped a lot of businesses with relevant advice. On the finance side this can be in the form of cash flow help, management of expenses, cutting costs, invoice factoring, departmental analysis, cost centre reporting. If you think “oh dear, my accounts are a bit of a mess”, I can make a difference to your business.

I would be delighted if you gave me the opportunity to be able to help you turn your business around, to help it grow.

As well as being an experienced finance professional during my career, on many an occasion the first thing I have had to do for a new client was Troubleshooting.

As well as financial strategy advice, I have been running my own business for several years and understand the challenges we face.  Sometimes you need a bit of help in other areas too. I can help you with a lot of things but if the support you are looking for is not listed below then please just ask, as this is just an example of how I can help.

Business Strategy Advice

I am an AAT qualified accountant and licenced member in practice.  I have been in finance for over 25 years and understand all aspects of accounting. 


I don’t have a practice; therefore, my overheads are low.  I have freelance associates who help me when required, but mainly it is just me.  This way I maintain a very professional, excellent, efficient and personal service.


Every business is different, and every business has specialized needs.  But whatever the type of business from time to time they need some help.  This is where my expertise and experience can help you.

Cash flow

Cashflow is king, and every business needs help from time to time with cash flow. Making sure you can pay the wages; suppliers and the VAT return is always a priority.


I can set up cashflow projections and management plans to help you plan your cash flow. With careful planning, cash flow will become easier to manage.

Departmental Analysis

Having more transparency in your overhead costs can help you cut down on unnecessary spending.


With good overhead analysis reports I can help see in greater clarity where your profit goes.


Knowing where you put that last credit card and petrol receipt is tricky.  Do you end up rummaging around in your glove compartment or sifting through the rubbish in your car door? Yes, we all do it, but it is difficult to know what you have spent.


Good control of your expense spending can save you money in the long run. A good expenses policy can save hundreds. I can give you tips on how to keep receipts and how to record them


Hiring staff often takes a lot of time, sifting through hundreds of CVs.  I can help you recruit by placing the adverts for you or liaising with your agency, sifting through your applicants to a short list, and hold first interviews for you.


The days of magazine and paper marketing are long gone and it’s all down to clever PR and social media content and campaigns. I can help you with that.


I can advise you and help you outsource your marketing to experienced marketing professionals, and perhaps for someone to keep your social media accounts to keep your content fresh and punchy. 

Business Strategy Case Study

Below is an example case study explaining how I have helped this particular company.

The Assessment

On my first day of joining a small business in Swindon, the managing director said to me

“Welcome Bryony, I hope you enjoy it here, but please can you tell me in three months’ time at our next board meeting what aspects of my business are making money and which are not?”

No mean feat at the time I must say, but no news to me really as I have been asked the same question many times before.

I spent my first few days trying to get to know how the business ran. I talked to everyone I could in the business, asking what their role was and how long they had been doing it. How jobs were costed and what margins were used.

I also started analysing every invoice and transaction I processed with a code, so I could produce an analysed profit and loss report for the MD. I asked what there processes were, if they had any, and how they had been making decisions previously.

The Outcome

At the end of the three months I had a detailed analysed profit and loss to show the Directors. Unfortunately, it showed that one aspect of the business was losing a lot of money.  This was due to bad pricing on each job (not enough margin) and too many overhead costs. They were basing their figures on turnover and not gross profit.

The directors had some tough decisions to make if they wanted the company to carry on and cutting costs was part of that.

With careful cash flow management and costs controlled, I was able to help the Directors keep that business going and when I left two years later, they had started making a small profit rather than a huge loss. That is when I know I have done something right.

Business Consultancy Prices

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