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So, you have a business, all you want to do is make lots of money and sell your product or service to everyone.


But do you, is it as easy as that?

What if you know exactly the type of business or person that would buy your product or service?

You want your potential client to KNOW LIKE AND TRUST YOU, as they need to do this before buying from you. Understanding who you are selling to, makes it easier to target your social media and website content accordingly. If you understand their business and demographic they are more likely to trust you rather than someone else.

So how do you find your ideal client?

Let’s make sure you are ticking all the correct boxes first. Is your branding in line with your market market? Is your content, copy, website and blogs are in line with your niche and target market.

What is your target market?

To know this, you need to understand who you want to work with. Have a think about what sort of client you like working with.

Do you like a certain age group, or demographic? Also think about the type of product or service you sell? Is it an expensive one for example, so would your clients need to be high earners? Are they business people or families? That sort of thing.

Is your branding in line with your niche?

We have all heard of branding, but what is it? Well branding is not just about your logo and colours its what people say about you. Its how you make your clients feel and the experience you give them.

Branding is also visual thought, when designing your logo for example, think about what colours you use, the design the font size and shape. Think about the other merchandise you use does it represent your brand. Does your website follow your brand too?

For example, my logo, has a wheat sheaf on it, so I incorporate that all over my branding. On my business cards, any leaflets, and on my website. The wheat sheaf is also on the Rural Ladies in Business logo.

Finding your ideal client

You have your brand, logo and niche sorted what then? How do you work out what your ideal client is? Think about their age, gender, education, location, income, job, industry etc.

Think about their goals and values, their challenges and pain points, their sources of information, and their objections to buy.

You can now tailor your content, website, social media inline with your ideal client, so that they in turn KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST you.