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When you run or own a business it does not always run smoothly, you don’t always know the answer to everything and sometimes you feel like you need some help.

To get you the business that you want the best thing to do is to hire a consultant or mentor. They not only can advise you on how to improve your business but are a great ongoing support.

So, what can you expect from me? Here I give you five reasons to hire me.

1. Experience

When you want help with your business, its probably best to take advice from someone who has run a business themselves and who has the relevant experience.

Before becoming a business consultant 2 years ago, I was a freelance finance manager for 6 years so have run my own business for over 8 years, so know what is required to run a successful self-employed business.

I am also a Director and shareholder of several family companies so understand company business and company requirements too.

However, before becoming self employed I was a Finance Manager for several years, at times reporting to board level where I would be involved in decision making and forward planning.


2. Qualifications and Associate Memberships

I am an AAT qualified accountant and licenced member in practice and am regulated by AAT and have to maintain my CPD every year so am kept up to date with legislation and compliance. I have over 25 years finance experience so understand every process and procedure you can think of.

I am a full member of the Association of Business Mentors, so I have continued training, advice and support from them.

3. Industry Knowledge

During my career over the years I have been fortunate to work in many different industries, such as orthopaedics, printing, kitchen manufacturing, stationery suppliers, cider producers, agriculture, hospitality, telecoms, plant hire, facilities management, animal and horse feed, care homes, and training.

So, you could say I have gained a lot of experience from a lot of different industries. I am not a someone who has just had one job all their lives and decide that they can teach others how to run a business, but someone who has seen it, done it and got the t shirt. Rest assured that I do have the necessary skills and experience to help you.

4. Personality

I have realized over the years that I am a people person; I love meeting people and love to help people. I am really easy to get on with, understand people and am a natural leader and motivator. Having had some training experience, I know I have the patience and understanding to make sure you stay focused and motivated throughout the time spent with me.

I am also fun, bubbly and kind. Our sessions together will not be boring but informative and fun. I know my clients enjoy the sessions with me and although we focus on serious stuff and get the job done with have a bit of a laugh through them too.

5. Successful

Over the years I’ve worked with many different companies and I am very grateful that I have had some wonderful bosses to work with as well as being my own boss.

One of my favourite companies was a telecom and audio-visual company in Swindon. Please see below the case study I wrote about the experience. This is just one example of many, but I loved working for this company and am still in contact with the Directors 10 years on.

Here is what happened:

On my first day of joining a small business in Swindon, the managing director said to me.

“Welcome Bryony, I hope you enjoy it here, but please can you tell me in three months’ time at our next board meeting what aspects of my business are making money and which are not?”

No mean feat at the time I must say, but no news to me really as I have been asked the same question many times before.

I spent my first few days trying to get to know how the business ran. I talked to everyone I could in the business, asking what their role was and how long they had been doing it. How jobs were costed and what margins were used.

I also started analysing every invoice and transaction I processed with a code, so I could produce an analysed profit and loss report for the MD. I asked what their processes were, if they had any, and how they had been making decisions previously.

At the end of the three months I had a detailed analysed profit and loss to show the Directors. Unfortunately, it showed that one aspect of the business was losing a lot of money.  This was due to bad pricing on each job (not enough margin) and too many overhead costs. They were basing their figures on turnover and not gross profit.

The directors had some tough decisions to make if they wanted the company to carry on and cutting costs was part of that.

After careful consideration they decided to make some difficult decisions and with my help totally remodelled their business. With careful cash flow management and costs controlled, I was able to help the Directors keep that business going and when I left two years later, they had started making a small profit rather than a huge loss. That is when I know I have done something right.

I love helping businesses and getting that satisfaction of being able to set them on the right track and give them a future.

I have learnt so much even from this example that I know I am now a much more experienced person and can offer so much more.