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5 Reasons To Work With Me

5 Reasons To Work With Me

When you run or own a business it does not always run smoothly, you don’t always know the answer to everything and sometimes you feel like you need some help.

To get you the business that you want the best thing to do is to hire a consultant or mentor. They not only can advise you on how to improve your business but are a great ongoing support.

So, what can you expect from me? Here I give you five reasons to hire me.

1. Experience

When you want help with your business, its probably best to take advice from someone who has run a business themselves and who has the relevant experience.

Before becoming a business consultant 2 years ago, I was a freelance finance manager for 6 years so have run my own business for over 8 years, so know what is required to run a successful self-employed business.

I am also a Director and shareholder of several family companies so understand company business and company requirements too.

However, before becoming self employed I was a Finance Manager for several years, at times reporting to board level where I would be involved in decision making and forward planning.


2. Qualifications and Associate Memberships

I am an AAT qualified accountant and licenced member in practice and am regulated by AAT and have to maintain my CPD every year so am kept up to date with legislation and compliance. I have over 25 years finance experience so understand every process and procedure you can think of.

I am a full member of the Association of Business Mentors, so I have continued training, advice and support from them.

3. Industry Knowledge

During my career over the years I have been fortunate to work in many different industries, such as orthopaedics, printing, kitchen manufacturing, stationery suppliers, cider producers, agriculture, hospitality, telecoms, plant hire, facilities management, animal and horse feed, care homes, and training.

So, you could say I have gained a lot of experience from a lot of different industries. I am not a someone who has just had one job all their lives and decide that they can teach others how to run a business, but someone who has seen it, done it and got the t shirt. Rest assured that I do have the necessary skills and experience to help you.

4. Personality

I have realized over the years that I am a people person; I love meeting people and love to help people. I am really easy to get on with, understand people and am a natural leader and motivator. Having had some training experience, I know I have the patience and understanding to make sure you stay focused and motivated throughout the time spent with me.

I am also fun, bubbly and kind. Our sessions together will not be boring but informative and fun. I know my clients enjoy the sessions with me and although we focus on serious stuff and get the job done with have a bit of a laugh through them too.

5. Successful

Over the years I’ve worked with many different companies and I am very grateful that I have had some wonderful bosses to work with as well as being my own boss.

One of my favourite companies was a telecom and audio-visual company in Swindon. Please see below the case study I wrote about the experience. This is just one example of many, but I loved working for this company and am still in contact with the Directors 10 years on.

Here is what happened:

On my first day of joining a small business in Swindon, the managing director said to me.

“Welcome Bryony, I hope you enjoy it here, but please can you tell me in three months’ time at our next board meeting what aspects of my business are making money and which are not?”

No mean feat at the time I must say, but no news to me really as I have been asked the same question many times before.

I spent my first few days trying to get to know how the business ran. I talked to everyone I could in the business, asking what their role was and how long they had been doing it. How jobs were costed and what margins were used.

I also started analysing every invoice and transaction I processed with a code, so I could produce an analysed profit and loss report for the MD. I asked what their processes were, if they had any, and how they had been making decisions previously.

At the end of the three months I had a detailed analysed profit and loss to show the Directors. Unfortunately, it showed that one aspect of the business was losing a lot of money.  This was due to bad pricing on each job (not enough margin) and too many overhead costs. They were basing their figures on turnover and not gross profit.

The directors had some tough decisions to make if they wanted the company to carry on and cutting costs was part of that.

After careful consideration they decided to make some difficult decisions and with my help totally remodelled their business. With careful cash flow management and costs controlled, I was able to help the Directors keep that business going and when I left two years later, they had started making a small profit rather than a huge loss. That is when I know I have done something right.

I love helping businesses and getting that satisfaction of being able to set them on the right track and give them a future.

I have learnt so much even from this example that I know I am now a much more experienced person and can offer so much more.

Branding & Finding Your Niche

Branding & Finding Your Niche

So, you have a business, all you want to do is make lots of money and sell your product or service to everyone.


But do you, is it as easy as that?

What if you know exactly the type of business or person that would buy your product or service?

You want your potential client to KNOW LIKE AND TRUST YOU, as they need to do this before buying from you. Understanding who you are selling to, makes it easier to target your social media and website content accordingly. If you understand their business and demographic they are more likely to trust you rather than someone else.

So how do you find your ideal client?

Let’s make sure you are ticking all the correct boxes first. Is your branding in line with your market market? Is your content, copy, website and blogs are in line with your niche and target market.

What is your target market?

To know this, you need to understand who you want to work with. Have a think about what sort of client you like working with.

Do you like a certain age group, or demographic? Also think about the type of product or service you sell? Is it an expensive one for example, so would your clients need to be high earners? Are they business people or families? That sort of thing.

Is your branding in line with your niche?

We have all heard of branding, but what is it? Well branding is not just about your logo and colours its what people say about you. Its how you make your clients feel and the experience you give them.

Branding is also visual thought, when designing your logo for example, think about what colours you use, the design the font size and shape. Think about the other merchandise you use does it represent your brand. Does your website follow your brand too?

For example, my logo, has a wheat sheaf on it, so I incorporate that all over my branding. On my business cards, any leaflets, and on my website. The wheat sheaf is also on the Rural Ladies in Business logo.

Finding your ideal client

You have your brand, logo and niche sorted what then? How do you work out what your ideal client is? Think about their age, gender, education, location, income, job, industry etc.

Think about their goals and values, their challenges and pain points, their sources of information, and their objections to buy.

You can now tailor your content, website, social media inline with your ideal client, so that they in turn KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST you.

Introducing My New Business Success Plan

Introducing My New Business Success Plan

Introducing my new Business Success Plan

  • Are you a sole trader or proprietor of your own small business?
  • Are you struggling to get the sales you want or the clients you need?
  • Are you stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out of it?
  • Do you want to grow your business but don’t know how?


How we can help

Over the 12-week period you will have 6 x 3 hour 1:1 meetings with Bryony. At a location convenient to you. Pick somewhere were you feel relaxed or at ease but special. If circumstances prevent an actual face to face meeting then a video call by Zoom will be taken.

Bryony gets to know and understand your business. What you want from it and your motivation for having a business.

Running a business does not come naturally for all of us. We all make the same mistakes if we don’t have backup. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is all it takes to turn things around and put you back on track. Bryony will take time to put you at ease, get to know you, and make your meetings fun and relaxed. It’s all about you. Bryony is a people person and is friendly and kind.

Package Content

Each of my packages are bespoke and tailored to your needs, so we might focus on some topics more and some less depending on individual requirements. Topics covered include, but not limited to:


A mini business review

To understand where you are now, what you need help with most.

Setting up a business plan

To be successful in business you need a good plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Bookkeeping tips and advice

Knowing what is required and quick tips on how to keep financial records.

Branding and Finding your niche

Understanding how branding goes in line with your niche.

Goal setting and why we need them

If you plan to succeed, you need to plan. Setting your immediate goals focuses on your current sales. Setting yearly or five-year goals helps you to imagine your future.

Pricing and charging your worth

Understanding if you are charging too much or not enough. Making sure your margins are correct.

Marketing and social media tips

We want to make sure your content is up to scratch, and you are making the right impression. Get clients to know like and trust you.

Client avatar and customer demographic

Understanding our ideal client, where they are, who they are, helps you pitch your content in line with your client.

Mindfulness and the law of attraction

To be successful in business, you have to have the right mindset. If you believe you will be successful and you picture yourself as being successful, you will be successful.


At the end of each meeting Bryony will follow up with a meeting summary via email and give you homework for the following week. You will also get ongoing email support throughout the 12-week duration. 

Payment of £1350.00 to be made in full in advance or by 3 x instalments of £455.00 = £1365.00 in total. 

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My Feature in Rural Life Magazine

My Feature in Rural Life Magazine

I am delighted to have been accepted as a regular contributor for a new magazine called Rural Life.

In this first edition I introduce myself and talk about my journey to becoming a Business Consultant.

Over the coming months I will be sharing my knowledge, hints and tips on how to improve your rural business.

Read my full article below….


Who am I?

I’m Bryony Parker, consultant, mentor and founder of BP Business Consultancy. I specialise in supporting rural businesses and helping them grow, develop and achieve their goals. I work with owners and managers to identify pain points and challenges then work together with them to create bespoke solutions and processes to get things running smoothly and profitably. I’d like to tell you a little bit about how I ended up where I am and share an example of the type of work I can do.


Where it started

My first job was as a receptionist at a print company. Alongside the usual reception duties this was where I was first introduced to accounting. At 19, It was a steep learning curve, but at least I knew there was no such thing as tartan paint! The role was the beginning of something and led to me undertaking nearly every role within a finance function, from credit controller to financial controller and everything in-between. I’ve worked in many industries, print, plant hire, animal feed, orthopaedics, agriculture and hospitality, to name a few.


You can never predict the future

Learning from the ground up has given me a strong understanding of business processes and procedures, which is something I specialise in. I never expected or planned a career in finance. At school I hated maths. (I could never understand why I would ever need to use trigonometry!) However, in my early forties I went back to college and studied for my AAT qualifications and three years later  – became a qualified accountant. It was hard work for sure, but one of the best things career-wise I have done.  For many years working as a finance manager, I have helped turn unprofitable companies, with messy accounts into streamlined profitable ones.

Rural roots

I’m a country girl and grew up in rural Leicestershire. In my early teens we had a smallholding where we kept a few sheep, cows, goats and my pony Sophie. If I wasn’t riding, I was either feeding sheep, lambing ewes, haymaking, shooting clays or driving our little antique grey Fergie tractor.

So, with an agricultural and equestrian background, it’s always been an ambition of mine to work in this environment. But it wasn’t until I moved down to Dorset seven years ago when I began working as a freelance finance manager that I decided to specialise in Rural Enterprise.

A brief example

One of my first clients was the estate manager of a 1500 acre mixed arable and dairy farm. He had inherited a mess and the farm, previously under bad management, was haemorrhaging money.

Thanks to my upbringing and my overall interest in the countryside I’ve developed a level of knowledge that come’s in very helpful when helping other Rural businesses as I understand the challenges they face. For example, I know what layers pellets are, what colour a Fendt tractor is and what mastitis or laminitis is – which was a great advantage when coding costs!

We worked hard updating the accounts system, creating procedures, looking at cost analysis and potential savings and streamlining processes. As a result of two years’ hard work, the farm’s profit increased and cash flow improved. 

Realisation hit

In 2018 I was an associate for a dairy consulting firm. I worked for them as a cost of production data collector for the Arla R500 scheme. I was allocated 18 farms along the South Coast and I loved it. I was travelling to site and rocking up laptop in hand, looking at their financial information and producing a Cost of Production report.

The work I was doing made me realise that I could help other rural companies and how I could make a difference. I thought about it, turning the idea over in my mind. Thinking about how my love of troubleshooting and solving people’s business problems and challenges could evolve, how I could help start-up businesses or those who were ‘stuck’ and unsure about where to turn for help. So, I made it happen. In January 2019, BP Business Consultancy was born. 

I am a director of several family companies and have been freelancing now for over seven years. I’ve had the chance to encounter and overcome many of the pitfalls we all grow through when starting a new business. I know how to grow a business, how to sustain it, and how to prepare it for the next generation.


What next?

Now I travel around the country meeting clients and using my experience to solve their business problems either on a consultancy or mentoring basis.

I offer a range of packages to suit different budgets and requirements – and they are all tailored specifically for rural businesses. It feels great and I love what I do. 

Rural Life Spring Edition

Read In Full Here

Business Recovery Package

Business Recovery Package

Business Recovery Package

In these unprecedented times, all businesses are suffering one way or another. We need to therefore devise a plan to keep our business afloat.

I want to help as many businesses I can and have the experience and skills to do that.  That is why I have brought out this package, to help you understand where you are now, where you want to get to and how to get there. 

During the four week duration, we will look at the following four areas in depth. 

  • A small business review to see the state your business is in now
  • A pricing review, are you charging enough or way too much
  • A cost analysis, and you reduce costs and spend less
  • A cashflow forecast, work out what you need to sell, to cover your costs. And whether you have the means to sustain your business.

special price –  4 week package

I am offering this package at a very affordable set price as I realise money is tight for everyone at this time.

We will have a 4 x 1 hour long Zoom chat a month with a follow up email and continued support throughout the month. 

You can secure this package with one payment of  £300.00 payable in advance.

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